Receiver scope for LazyDragSelectHorizontalGrid and LazyDragSelectVerticalGrid.

This is essentially a copy of LazyGridScope.


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abstract fun item(key: Any? = null, span: LazyGridItemSpanScope.() -> GridItemSpan? = null, contentType: Any? = null, content: @Composable LazyDragSelectGridItemScope<Item>.() -> Unit)

Adds a single item to the scope.

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abstract fun items(key: (item: Item) -> Any? = null, span: LazyGridItemSpanScope.(item: Item) -> GridItemSpan? = null, contentType: (item: Item) -> Any? = { null }, itemContent: @Composable LazyDragSelectGridItemScope<Item>.(item: Item) -> Unit)

Adds a list of items from the Items in the scope.