Receiver scope being used by the item content parameter of LazyDragSelectVerticalGrid or LazyDragSelectHorizontalGrid.



The type of the items in the grid.


The DragSelectState that is being used to manage the selection.


The LazyGridItemScope that is being used to render the items.


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constructor(state: DragSelectState<Item>, lazyGridItemScope: LazyGridItemScope)


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fun LazyDragSelectGridItemScope<*>.IndicatorIcon(icon: ImageVector, tint: Color, contentDescription: String?, padding: Dp, backgroundColor: Color?, border: Dp?, shape: Shape?, modifier: Modifier = Modifier)

Indicator overlay to display the selected or unselected state of an item.

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fun SelectableItem(item: Item, modifier: Modifier = Modifier, semanticsLabel: String = DEFAULT_LABEL, interactionSource: MutableInteractionSource? = null, enableIconIndicator: Boolean = true, selectedIcon: @Composable BoxScope.() -> Unit = { SelectedIcon() }, unselectedIcon: @Composable BoxScope.() -> Unit = { UnselectedIcon() }, animateSelection: Boolean = true, animateSelectionOptions: AnimateSelectionOptions = AnimateSelectionDefaults.Default, aspectRatio: Float = 1.0f, content: @Composable (toggled: Boolean) -> Unit)

A Composable that provides selectable support for the content.

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fun LazyDragSelectGridItemScope<*>.SelectedIcon(modifier: Modifier = Modifier, options: IndicatorIconOptions = IndicatorIconDefaults.selectedIconOptions())

Indicator icon for the selected state.

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fun LazyDragSelectGridItemScope<*>.UnselectedIcon(modifier: Modifier = Modifier, options: IndicatorIconOptions = IndicatorIconDefaults.unselectedIconOptions())

Indicator icon for the unselected state.